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Happy Fourth of July – Great Ideas for Your Fourth of July Celebration

Fourth of July is a patriotic summer holiday that is a favorite for young and old alike.  It’s a time to get together and celebrate our nation’s birth and enjoy some good food, fireworks and outdoor activities.

If you are looking for some Fourth of July activities that will make the day special, you’ll find lots of Fourth of July party ideas here like Fourth of July food for your barbecue or picnic with lots of great Fourth of July recipes for red, white and blue snacks, American cuisine and patriotic desserts.

You’ll also find resources for Fourth of July party supplies and anything else you might need to create a great party for your guests including games and tips on how to have a fun and safe Fourth of July holiday.

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Any ideas for a Fourth of July Party?

I’m throwing a Fourth of July party, and i want it to have a theme that’s not only patriotic. i mean, that too, but i want it to be more than just that. So its more original and people won’t forget it. Any ideas?

How about a snowy shaved ice party, with a variety of flavors. The theme could be “snow in July” or something. Cute video of ideas about that here;

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Fourth of July cool ideas?

I am the kind of guy who likes to have inexpensive fun. ha.

do you know anything i can make thats fun and cheap at the stores or something i can make thats fun or cool for the 4th?


do you know any fun things I should do?

picnic with your family or best friends… make each person to bring a dish so you wont take care of all….

get together and do some karaoke

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