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Happy Fourth of July – Great Ideas for Your Fourth of July Celebration

Fourth of July is a patriotic summer holiday that is a favorite for young and old alike.  It’s a time to get together and celebrate our nation’s birth and enjoy some good food, fireworks and outdoor activities.

If you are looking for some Fourth of July activities that will make the day special, you’ll find lots of Fourth of July party ideas here like Fourth of July food for your barbecue or picnic with lots of great Fourth of July recipes for red, white and blue snacks, American cuisine and patriotic desserts.

You’ll also find resources for Fourth of July party supplies and anything else you might need to create a great party for your guests including games and tips on how to have a fun and safe Fourth of July holiday.

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HL Party Supply Decoration "4th of July Confetti"

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camping question?

ok so im going camping with all my family this weekend for the fourth of july. im a city girl so i really hate hate camping! any fun activities, or games i should do to make it a little bit more fun??

take a badmitton set,ball,bat and glove,horse shoes,cards,a portable stereo,a mix collection of cds,take a board game,if you give camping a chance you might like it

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fourth of July decorating ideas??/?

my grandma always rents a cabin in the mts this year it will be on the 4th the state park has a decorating contest.. What should we use and do to try and win?

See if you can get some red, white and blue lights (like the ones used on Christmas trees) and arrange the lights on the roof or the side of the house in a flag configuration. If there is a covered porch, staple patriotic fabric here and there from the upper edge to make ‘curtains’ near posts and tie them back with red ribbons. String lights around the porch, front door or in a tree. Set up an outdoor entertainment area with a picnic table decked out in red, white and blue tableware.
Buy flags (check the dollar store) and place them in pleasing spots. Perhaps you can get a hand full of the small flags with wooden sticks and place them on each side of the walkway to the door. Have the entire family wear red, white and or blue on the 4th of July. You can buy patriotic fabric and swag it outside under the windows. If you have any lanterns you can hang outside, you can slip a piece of blue velum paper inside to project a blue light. I would really play up the lights because that will be the best show at night time. Bring along thumb tacks and alot of partiotic wide ribbon and outline some of the outside windows or the door. You can get that inexpensive crep paper wide ribbon and wrap it around posts or make streamers from the branch of a tree near the outdoor entertainment area.

Go to the dollar store and just see what they have in the way of red, white and blue things you can use. You can buy a few 4th of july cards and tack them to your front door in a checkerboard pattern. Craft stores sometimes have patriotic paper in the scrapbook section along with solid colors. Take the paper and cut it to fit inside a plain drinking glass, stick a tea light in the glass and you will have an inexpensive decoration for the table. Do this to several different size glasses with different papers and you will have a great centerpiece on your table. Turn the glasses over at bedtime or if it rains to keep them fresh. Bring a wide, long yellow ribbon and tie it around an old oak tree.

I hope some of these suggestions will inspire you. With a little creativity, you can accomplish anything. Good Luck

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how did the tradition of fireworks on the fourth of July come to be?

how did the tradition of fireworks on the fourth of July come to be? the declaration of independence was signed on the fourth of july, but how did the fireworks get involved in this holiday and why?

Fireworks are a celebration

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what is one symbol to the fourth of july and why is it important?

one thing that symbolizes the fourth of july, so it has to be something physical you can touch. i already have fireworks and the american flag.

stars & stripes

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Fourth of July-Independence Party Supplies Decorations

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1 (One)- package of 4 Patriotic Buntings


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4th of July food/drink ideas?

what are some food and drink ideas for the fourth of july, that are colored red white and blue.

i thought of a really yummy drink for the colors.

but lemonade mix and make a slushie using ice and the blender and do the same with a strawberry or rasberry drink mix but i have NO idea for the blue color? i know i could use food coloring but blue mouths.. ha. so any blue drinks? doesn’t have to be a mix..

and also any simple yet festive dessert ideas?
i thought about brownies with white frosting zigzagged on it and red and blue sprinkles 😀 any more ideaaas?

well for the drink theres a blue coolaid drink but i forgot what the flavor is (sorry) and for dessert u could also try making cupcakes with white frosting have is be a redish colored cupcake (like having it b cherry or use food coloring) with blue sprinkles or u could make brownies and have the frosting look like an american flag.

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Where can I get some fourth of july stories for kids?? ages 2-7?

Okay so I am working at a daycare and we are going to be closed on friday due to fourth of july, and we are going to be doing some activities for Fourth of July! I need some short watered-down stories so they can understand the meaning behind Fourth of July. Keep in mind that these kids ages range from the 2 years old to 7, so please give me some sites or if you have a story yourself please let me know. I need this by today or tomorrow if possible probably by today would be very very nice. I really need this guys so if you can please send me some comments it would be very helpful!?

Lol..hi sorry if noone is helpngi, but I’m 16 and go to alot of kids sites for some decorations so i know some good ones!

this is kindof long but you can revise it

July 4th, US Independence Day

hoped i helped!

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Cute fourth of July ideas?

What are some cute clothes/accesories I could wear for a fourth of july party? Theres going to be dancing to so it has to be movable.
lol my mom was like “you could wrap a cardboard cylinder around yourself, then put a funnel on your head with the plastic sparklers coming out of it and be a firework!” …………so regardless of the humor, nothing like that =-)

dress as a bomb pop

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What are some good places to spend the Fourth of July in?

My family typically goes on a road trip vacation every year for the fourth of July holiday. This year, my dad put me in charge of coordinating a vacation for my mom and us (I’m 15 by the way). We live in Atlanta, Georgia and we want to travel somewhere nice. Certain thoughts came to mind like maybe visiting the Mississippi River or New York, but we didn’t know if these place had much to offer for me.
Any thoughts for destinations within a days drive of Marietta GA? Thanks.

Pittsburgh fires off fireworks from the rivers. The go up and you can catch them at eye level in Mount Washington, a short ‘incline’ railroad car ride form down below. It is so awesome.

Spend the day before at Kennywood Park, one fo the great amusement parks of America, with many rides on the National Register of Historic Places. Sleep downtown and enjoy yourself over the weekend eating great food at Primanti Brothers and seeing the Pgh Regatta, since the Pirates are out of town…You must hurry with reservations, though…

The kids will dig the Science Cneter next to Heinz Field and PNC park…and you can take a tour of the park since the Bucs are in FLA…

Have a good time, wherever you decide to go!

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fourth of july dessert recipes?

i am having friends and family over for the fourth of July, but i am stuck on a cute patriotic dessert. well be grilling and being outside and swimming.. usual fourth of july stuff. so i really don’t want it to be too fancy. maybe something like cupcakes that look like flags, but i want to be a little more creative than that… HELP!!!

My late sister made this every year for the fourth
Its called Wave your flag cake from Kraft

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What foods do you have for the fourth of July!!?

Do you have ethnic or American foods for the 4th of July

It’s your party, have whatever food you want to serve. Our usual menu consists of Barbecue chicken, steak, hot dogs and burgers(thank goodness I’m not the one runnin the grill, that’s the guys job LOL) and usually potato salad, macaroni salad, salsa(mild for me thank you) and tortilla chips and potato chips and some desserts(jello mold, cake, or cupcakes).

It doesn’t really matter if it’s ethnic or not, as I said before it’s what you choose to serve. I think it’s a wonderful idea to serve ethnic foods as men and women of various ethnicities have fought and even died for the very freedoms and independence we hold dear. There is no “set” menu for a 4th of July get together.

So enjoy your festivities and have a happy and safe 4th! 🙂

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What to take with me on the fourth of July?

I am going to the fireworks on the fourth of July and I may have to babysit a two year old. I want to know what to bring along in his diaper bag. Like what to bring to keep him entertained, and in case there is an emergency. Also what should I bring to the fire works with me. Be specific!!! Thanks to everyone who awswers!

*extra diapers and wipes and ointment
*pacifier (if still uses one)
*cell phone
*any medicine he might need. only if mom or dad or gardian told you to use it.
*extra pair of keys if u have one to keep in the bag
*snacks and drinks in a cooler
*toys for sitting still
*blanket to sit on
*some food
*extra clothes and a jacket or somthing for both of you incase it gets chilly
*bug spray
*sun screen
*stuffed animal or blanket or whatever he wants
*sun glasses (2)
*ball or somthing to play with before they start
*book to read to him just incase

Good Luck and Have Fun!!!!

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15 4TH OF JULY SPARKLE Stickers Party Favors Supplies

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15 Individual 4TH OF JULY ~ SPARKLE stickers.

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