what is one symbol to the fourth of july and why is it important?

one thing that symbolizes the fourth of july, so it has to be something physical you can touch. i already have fireworks and the american flag.

stars & stripes

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Comments on “what is one symbol to the fourth of july and why is it important?”

ironbuttsironheads said:

stars & stripes
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georgestraitfan said:

The United States flag. It signifies how we have earned our stars and stripes and continue to keep our freedom.
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Kimberly B said:

Eagle flying… its the nations bird and a symbol of freedom and liberty and all that stuff
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gilmoreduff said:

declaration of independence because it was signed that day and it’s what our country is all aobut.
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wendy I said:

A handmade Quilt. One with 1776 stitch on it . Th declaration
of independence. Do you know who all signed it ?
Hope you like my answer? I "am of course new to this process.
Best Regards,
Wendy I
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Know My Self:)

beckymarie2 said:

Declaration of Independence. After all, that is what the day is all about … our independece from England.

If you are doing a report or something, check out Philadelphia, PA … that is where it all started. Check out the Hall of Independence. Amazing place ..
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Frances M said:

I am happy you have an American flag. The only thing important to me on 4th July is my friends birthday. Do you realize this section is for Australia Day
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