Fourth of July Cake : Making Frosting Rosettes & Stars

Pastry bags have different frosting tips that are used to make shapes. Work with a pastry bag to make rosettes and stars with tips from a professional baker in this free cake decorating video.

Expert: Karen Weisman
Bio: Karen Weisman graduated from Boston University with a degree in Hotel and Food Management. Since then, she has helped a national grocery store chain develop and launch a gourmet food division.
Filmmaker: Karen Weisman

Duration : 0:3:58

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Comments on “Fourth of July Cake : Making Frosting Rosettes & Stars”

tracylv68 said:

Proper name is …
Proper name is coupling, it is in 2 parts. Foundant is NOT frosting, thought it is a cake covering.
Wow, if you have nothing nice to say, why say anything at all???? You always have the option to watch something else.

annastasiababy said:

not unless yew add …
not unless yew add flavors to it:))

annastasiababy said:

my qweshton is wat …
my qweshton is wat is the difference between icing &nd frosting???frosting,icing,fondant..is all the same…its all to cover a cake &nd make it look gudd…

Bebe313ily said:

@BlueStarOfMine i …
@BlueStarOfMine i know fondant taste like crap

Xiia0Sn00pY said:

expert village aint …
expert village aint so expert..fags

annastasiababy said:

gosh woman yew used …
gosh woman yew used too much frosting &nd dat cake in da backround looks messy:))

BlueStarOfMine said:

It is absolutely …
It is absolutely ridiculous to assume that professional pastry chefs or cake decorators only use fondant. That’s like saying “you’re not a real painter if you don’t use oil paint”. Some of the best cake experts in the world (like Rose Levy Beranbaum) frost some of their cakes (yes, even wedding cakes) with frosting. And why not? It certainly tastes better.

MsNotforsale said:

Where can you buy …
Where can you buy these bags? In the grocery store.

048199438 said:

i use the glass too
i use the glass too

oksana1200 said:

coupling? lady, its …
coupling? lady, its a coupler..

shashaUT said:

u probably haven’t …
u probably haven’t because you can’t even spell the word….

ninjacup said:

I can’t work w/a …
I can’t work w/a bag that full!!!!

WomicsComics said:

just cuz ur a …
just cuz ur a professional doesnt mean you HAVE to use fondant, but i know what youre going at.

WomicsComics said:

ever heard of …
ever heard of intellegence?

WomicsComics said:

this lady is a …
this lady is a frigging idiot.

kavash1000 said:

exactly !!!
exactly !!!

realtruthfakelies said:

no she is obviously …
no she is obviously not an expert, if this was a professional cake made by an expert they would have used fondant for icing so the cake wasn’t all crappy looking, trust me this is definitely not an expert.

yumcupcakesyum said:


doublezizzle said:

isnt it called a …
isnt it called a coupler? she keeps saying coupling…lol

princehitsuka said:

just wondering…is …
just wondering…is this person really an expert…just a bit questionable…and i really wish expert village would number their vids…

AbyssRose84 said:

do NOT fill your …
do NOT fill your bag up that much..if you do..your hand will be killing you by the time you are done…

babybelle1974 said:

LOL What is up with …
LOL What is up with the cake?

omgitsv08 said:

exactly! 😀
exactly! 😀

omgitsv08 said:

my 11 yearold …
my 11 yearold cousin could do this better than you!

wigoma90 said:

please do not fill …
please do not fill your pastry bag too much to make squeezing lighter and easier. Just fill it halfway.

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