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Happy Fourth of July – Great Ideas for Your Fourth of July Celebration

Fourth of July is a patriotic summer holiday that is a favorite for young and old alike.  It’s a time to get together and celebrate our nation’s birth and enjoy some good food, fireworks and outdoor activities.

If you are looking for some Fourth of July activities that will make the day special, you’ll find lots of Fourth of July party ideas here like Fourth of July food for your barbecue or picnic with lots of great Fourth of July recipes for red, white and blue snacks, American cuisine and patriotic desserts.

You’ll also find resources for Fourth of July party supplies and anything else you might need to create a great party for your guests including games and tips on how to have a fun and safe Fourth of July holiday.

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Fourth of July Invitations

Fourth of July invitations are one of first things you need to get when planning a Fourth of July party, picnic or barbeque. Invite your friends and family for a festive summertime favorite event. Independence Day is a fun summer holiday and a great time to get together and have some fun. Enjoy some patriotic foods and decorations and of course fireworks.

Fourth of July Invitations

Your party can be on July 4th or some other day that week or weekend. Be sure to let your guests know when and where the party will be and what time to show up. If it’s a potluck or B.Y.O.B (bring your own beverage) let them know too. Send out your invitations early enough so that your guests have plenty of time to plan and R.S.V.P. (let you know whether they are attending or not).

Here are some ideas for Fourth of July invitations for your party. You can get premade invitations, make your own or order custom invitations to your Fourth of July celebration.

Fourth of July Party Invitations

Make your own Fourth of July Invitations

Custom Fourth of July Invitations

Want custom made Fourth of July Invitations? Get great looking custom invitations made for your Fourth of July celebration. If you are having a special event and want a unique design for your Fourth of July party or cookout you can get these custom invitations.

Custom Fourth of July Invitations

How to Make Fourth of July Invitations

Flag Invitations

If you are planning a patriotic party for Fourth of July then these Flag Invitations will set the tone for you party. They feature the stars and stripes of the flag and the red, white and blue colors are perfect for the holiday. On Fourth of July and other U.S. holidays like Memorial Day and Veterans Day it is customary to fly the flag. It is a sign of respect and honor for our country. Using flag invitations let’s your guest know that it is a patriotic holidays and gives them all the information they need to when and where the event will take place.

Creative Converting US Pride Party Invitations, 8 Count

Fourth of July Party Decorations

Fourth of July party decorations can be used to decorate for your party but you can also used some of the supplies when creating your invitation to make them look more festive. You can decorate for the party and use the leftovers to adorn you invites for next year too. These plastic streamers have the stars and stripes and a perfect for a patriotic party or affair. They are great for Fourth of July, Memorial Day or other United States holiday celebration.

Patriotic Streamers

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Music for a Fourth of July Party?

Does anyone have an idea of some good music for a Fourth of July Party?
I am a DJ at a Fourth of July Party gig and I need some music ideas that are good for Children and Adults?

Living in America – James Brown
Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen

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4th of July Party Ideas

Ideas for throwing a fun 4th of July bash.

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4th of July Party Ideas

Fourth of July Party Ideas, party planning, barbecue, fireworks, decorations, recipes.

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How to make brownie pizza and decorate brownies

Your family loves your brownies, but they seem a little too simple to take to a party, right? Here are two great decorating ideas from Betty Crocker Kitchens to add some pizzazz by using creative brownie toppings. Baker and author Liv Hansen shows you how to make festive brownies using frosting and sprinkles, AND how to make a brownie “pizza” with summertime fruit toppings.

How to make brownie pizza and decorate brownies

Decorate Festive Brownies
You can decorate brownies with whatever topping you choose. Liv Hansen uses red, white and blue star sprinkles and a frosting drizzle for a Fourth of July party.

1. Bake brownies in a 13 x 9 baking pan.

2. Soften some vanilla frosting for 15 seconds in the microwave.

3. Take a fork and dip it into the softened frosting then drizzle it across the brownies.

4. Decorate the brownies by sprinkling decorative candy stars over the top of the brownies. The stars will stick to the frosting.

Brownies and Berries Fruit Pizza
When decorating a brownie fruit pizza, you can give this delicious dessert a casual look by randomly sprinkling the fruit on top, or for a more elegant look, arrange the fruit in a pattern. Here, Liv Hansen makes a cream cheese frosting and tops the dessert with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and finshes it with an apple jelly glaze.

1. Bake brownies in a large pizza pan.

2. To make the frosting add some sugar and vanilla to the softened cream cheese and mix until well combined.

3. Use an offset spatula to thinly spread the frosting over the cooled brownie in the pizza pan. If you want brownie pizza crust, leave the edges of the brownie pizza bare.

4. Arrange the fruit of your choice over the frosting.

5. To add a little sweetness and shine soften some fruit jelly of your choice in the microwave for about 30 seconds and use a pastry brush to gently brush it over the fruit.

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4th of July Party Tips

Party ideas for the 4th of July

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