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Happy Fourth of July – Great Ideas for Your Fourth of July Celebration

Fourth of July is a patriotic summer holiday that is a favorite for young and old alike.  It’s a time to get together and celebrate our nation’s birth and enjoy some good food, fireworks and outdoor activities.

If you are looking for some Fourth of July activities that will make the day special, you’ll find lots of Fourth of July party ideas here like Fourth of July food for your barbecue or picnic with lots of great Fourth of July recipes for red, white and blue snacks, American cuisine and patriotic desserts.

You’ll also find resources for Fourth of July party supplies and anything else you might need to create a great party for your guests including games and tips on how to have a fun and safe Fourth of July holiday.

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Fourth of July Cake : Making Frosting Rosettes & Stars

Pastry bags have different frosting tips that are used to make shapes. Work with a pastry bag to make rosettes and stars with tips from a professional baker in this free cake decorating video.

Expert: Karen Weisman
Bio: Karen Weisman graduated from Boston University with a degree in Hotel and Food Management. Since then, she has helped a national grocery store chain develop and launch a gourmet food division.
Filmmaker: Karen Weisman

Duration : 0:3:58

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4th of July food/drink ideas?

what are some food and drink ideas for the fourth of july, that are colored red white and blue.

i thought of a really yummy drink for the colors.

but lemonade mix and make a slushie using ice and the blender and do the same with a strawberry or rasberry drink mix but i have NO idea for the blue color? i know i could use food coloring but blue mouths.. ha. so any blue drinks? doesn’t have to be a mix..

and also any simple yet festive dessert ideas?
i thought about brownies with white frosting zigzagged on it and red and blue sprinkles 😀 any more ideaaas?

well for the drink theres a blue coolaid drink but i forgot what the flavor is (sorry) and for dessert u could also try making cupcakes with white frosting have is be a redish colored cupcake (like having it b cherry or use food coloring) with blue sprinkles or u could make brownies and have the frosting look like an american flag.

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What foods do you have for the fourth of July!!?

Do you have ethnic or American foods for the 4th of July

It’s your party, have whatever food you want to serve. Our usual menu consists of Barbecue chicken, steak, hot dogs and burgers(thank goodness I’m not the one runnin the grill, that’s the guys job LOL) and usually potato salad, macaroni salad, salsa(mild for me thank you) and tortilla chips and potato chips and some desserts(jello mold, cake, or cupcakes).

It doesn’t really matter if it’s ethnic or not, as I said before it’s what you choose to serve. I think it’s a wonderful idea to serve ethnic foods as men and women of various ethnicities have fought and even died for the very freedoms and independence we hold dear. There is no “set” menu for a 4th of July get together.

So enjoy your festivities and have a happy and safe 4th! 🙂

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Good food to BBQ for the fourth of july!?

Okay well the fouth of july is coming up as you guys kno! and me and my baby are having a cookout outside and well baiscly i wanna kno if u guys have any good recipes to do outside on the grill? anything would be fine!! so start throwin some ideas at me guys!! thanx!

When I BBQ, I get very creative.

I make kabobs with sweet italian sausage, sweet onion, sweet green pepper, and just grill it. It is awesome. I also do other kabobs as well such with cubes of steak, onion, tomato, and pineapple grilled. I do fruit kabobs for everyone with watermelon, pineapple, mango, grapes, and blueberries with a yogurt dipping sauce. This is very popular with my guests.

For side dishes.. I like to do a pasta salad with a box of rotini noodles, a can of stewed tomatoes, one bottle zesty italian dressing, one bottle mccormick salad seasoning, mixed together well and refridgerated.. serve cold! Everyone loves it.

I always do mashed potatoes mixed with egg whites and mayo [a unique combination of mashed], grilled corn on the cob, grilled potato wedges, and rolls with cinnamon-butter.

Sometimes I do Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomato Bruschetta as an appetizer as well.

The main meat dishes are always burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, and steak.. so I give the guests their choice with variety.

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